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Also known as the Bedicopter: The most common type of helicopter booked to extract troops from an exercise area, or to move same around exercise area. Have occassionally been known to "take off" at random, usually as said troops are within arm's reach of the Helibedford.

Drivers, sorry, pilots, are sent on a highly intensive training course which basically invloves learning how to tread heavily on the brakes, throwing everyone inside to the floor. These people get their revenge, however, but moving the the rear of the bedicopter and bouncing up and down together, thereby lifting the front wheels off the ground.

Interestingly, the usage of the waggon as a surrogate helicopter does not extend to operations, as the shortfall of aircraft could easily be rectified by sending loads of 4 tonners to the 'Stan.

See Bedford , DAF and Four Tonner.