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Headover as modelled by a Mong

The headover is a piece of equipment that has been issued to British Soldiers since before the Crimean War. It is essentially a woollen tube, elasticated at both ends.

It can be worn round the neck like a scarf, or pulled up over the neck and head, leaving only the face exposed. If you really want to look like a mong, you can fold it up and wear it on your head like a WW2 Commando about to hit the beaches of Normandy.

The headover is one of those items of 1157 that never get used after Basic Training.

Another use for the headover is as a muffler. Place both your hands inside it to keep them warm while stagging on. If the badge catches you and asks what you are doing, simply explain you saw this use in a documentary about 49 Para. He will be impressed at your ally-ness and you will be recommended for promotion. Probably.