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An American expression for a blowjob, to be sucked off, the state of perfection only men can know when their beloved [or any other chick for that matter] fellates their Love Truncheon prior to receiving what they are about to receive. See also Money Shot and Spunk Deflectors

Whenever a bloke gets head, 1980's style funky keyboard music starts playing. It isn't just in porn movies this happens ... then again this might just be me!

Also a Lavatory for those of the Naval persuasion, a term derived from the location in bygone times of the toilet, by the headsail on a boat type thingy.

Also a person in charge of a school.

Purely as an afterthought it should be noted that biologically speaking it is the thing that sits on top of the torso and sends commands to the rest of the body ... like drink beer, eat kebab.

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