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Hazel Blears

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news-graphics-2007-_639234a.jpg RussTrollBoyBoxers.jpg
Twins separated at birth?

New Labour's current Cheerleader in Chief.

Ginger and a midget - nature has not been kind.

Take a look at this face (the one on the left) and tell me if there is anything happening behind those eyes other than 'I MUST DO AS GORDON COMMANDS!' Hazel could probably smile like this while ordering the gassing of badgers.

Even that bastion of free PR for Liebour at the licence payers expense, the BBC, has started switching her mike off when they get fed up of her endless twittering about this governments achievements when attempting NOT to answer a tough question.

Commands the same level of respect as a dead frog.

Even the left of centre media cant stand this waste of space. Normally I have no time for the Grauniad columnists but for once I'm right there with George Monbiot. Read the column here.

Got caught avoiding capital gains tax when she used taxpayers money to finance her own little property empire. Now considered cornered and extremely dangerous as Gordon Brown is trying to use her as a scapegoat and she's ready to retaliate. (... even small, fluffy and innoffensive can turn nasty when cornered)