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Haversack Rations

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Issued primarily to Army Cadets on their little camps, in a cheap skate brown paper bag which fit snugly over the head.

Normally consist of:

1 x sausage roll or pasty (normally still frozen). Or the evil, heretical Creamy Vegetable Lattice which even the veggies don't eat.

1 x packet of Cheap Flavourless Crisps (manufacturer no-ones heard of)

1 x roll/sandwich (flavours consist mainly of Mystery Fish, sometimes a slice of plastic cheese with a dollop of coleslaw or, in the extremely rare and lucky occasion... HAM! NORMAL HAM! never had one myself but rumours spread...)

1 x kit kat or, more recently, mar bar.

1 x bruised apple or sour orange

1 x bottle of water

50/50 chance of getting a pot of yoghurt. No spoon supplied.

Issued to cadets on range days, AT days/weekends, or coach journeys to - from camps.

NB. Written by ACF NCO

See also Horror Bags, Sandhurst Packed Lunch and White Box of Death.