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Harriet Harman

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Harriet nipping down the offy for a bottle of plonk in her socialist utopian constituency

Also known as 'Harriet Harperson' and 'Harriet Harm-men'. Where to start with this sanctimonious, power-hungry, hypocritical cow? Once a so-called Blair Babe she now resembles Orville the Duck, but lacks the latter’s political credibility.


A lawyer and QC with more connections than the Internet. Daddy was a Group Captain (fair enough), many cousins are styled Lady and her sister was a judge (until caught passing confidential data to the ever-so-trustworthy Harriet). Also has family connections to Neville Chamberlain, Harold Pinter and, strangely, is related to David Cameron.

For picture backgrounds, she is fond of rows of embarrassed police officers wondering why she needs an anti-stab vest when strolling around her own constituency.

Political Office(s)

At the time of writing she has five government posts [Five!] as well as being New Labour's Deputy Leader, during the election for which she stated that 'A woman should get the post' (but not the other bitch, obviously). Oddly for such a highly qualified lawyer she was investigated for electoral fraud allegedly carried out during the election. It was found that she 'failed to report on time […] a serious matter', but no police action was taken. Odd that.

In possibly the most obviously oxymoronic appointment ever, she was made Minister for Women and Equality, in 2007. WTF?!

Really, WTF?!


In January 2009 the sneaky cow proposed a rule change to exempt MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information Act. What a conniving, delusional and proto-dictatorial buffalo’s fanny she is. And there was me thinking we were all 'equal' now. We need a minister for this sort of thi... Oh!

Twisty Brain Wrongs

Harman (The Equality Party): “It cannot be assumed that men are bound to be an asset to family life or that the presence of fathers in families is necessarily a means to social cohesion.” (2008)

Also during 2008 Fathers 4 Justice complained that Harman had refused their requests for a meeting. She said that there was never a request for such a meeting, but it later emerged that Harman's statement was a lie when Fathers 4 Justice published a letter from her refusing the request for a meeting.

While Labour is opposed to grant-maintained schools Orville Harman sent her first sprog-plop to one of the best. Well, only the best is good enough for the Deputy Leader in charge of equality.

During a TV interview for the Deputy Leader contest Harman agreed that Labour should apologise for the Iraq war. As soon as she was elected she even annoyed her own supporters by denying that she ever said any such thing.

In 2003, oh and 2007, our lawyer friend was fined for speeding. Shame she forgot to pay the latter fine, but then that sort of thing is only for little people, and not MP QCs. It seems she didn't learn from this, as the CPS has now stated they intend to charge her for driving without due care and attention and driving while using a mobile phone after she was involved in a collision in July of 2009. [Hurrah! There is a God.]


Amazingly this sad excuse for a muppet has designs on the PM-ship. Now I know the last three PMs have been pretty sad excuses for statesmen but how on Earth can this waste of genetic material think she can take the reigns of state without causing a civil war is beyond the mental capacity of this call sign!


Has a husband, but as a ventriloquist’s duck she enjoys spending most of her time mouthing anything that her has-been controller punches up her arrse.

Her ambition is to be able to fly, way up to the sky (but she can't).


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