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Harold Shipman

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Dead murdering cnut

Dr Harold Shipman, ( 1946 - 2004 )

Another example of the ways in which good old British determination and grit enable us to hold a World record.

In Shipman's case, he is almost certainly the record holder for most one-on-one murders, and thus tops the serial killer charts.

His tally is put somewhere between 215 (lowest official estimate) and a possible career best of 479. If true, 479 would put him well above the 435 that Albert Pierrepoint managed to off in his official capacity as executioner which would be a magnificent result and a stern test of resolve for future wannabe serial murderers.

He achieved this, like his contemporary Fred West, by solid dedication to the task in hand over a long period of time. Not for them the flashy nail-bombing or just killing a few Ipswich prostitutes.

They played the long game, and will be remembered for eternally.

Harold's name has now been immortalised in the English language. To do a "Harold Shipman" is to spend a nice evening out with the intention of "injecting an old lady".

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