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...From my cold dead paw!

Small, short sighted, lead footed rodent whose only survival trait seems to be it's cute ... and breeds faster than rabbits.

Unfortunately for the rodent, gay men have been known to stick them up their ass for sexual gratification. The rodent has its claws removed which must smart.

The Pet Shop Boys were named as a nod to this activity.

Did Richard Gere shove a gerbil up his arrse? Urban Legend, I'm afraid.

True story (as documented in The Lancet):

2 gay men were involved in a hamster insertion. The hamster (Faggot) had been inserted into gayman 1 using a toilet roll as a sabot but was showing no sign of returning to the 'surface'. Gayman 2 thought to attract the rodent out using his lighter. As he flicked his BIC, gayman 1 farted. The subsequent explosion propelled Faggot out of gayman 1 at high speed.

  • Gayman 1 received 2nd degree burns of the anus.
  • Gayman 2 received a broken nose from the APFSDS* rodent.
  • Faggot's condition/injuries were not reported.

APFSDS:- Anus Piercing Fur Stabilized Discarding Sabot

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