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The Reeperbahn

- for a quiet night out.

Hamburg is situated in Northern Germany and is the second largest city in the country. With Hamburg Harbour as its principal port, Hamburg is also the second largest port city in the European Union and the largest city of the Union which is not a capital. A large part of the port is a fenced-in duty-free area ... WOOHOO!.

It was here that Ronald Reagan make his historic speech which started Eich bein ein Hamburger.

Home of the Reeperbahn, considered Europe's second largest Red Light District where many naughty happenings ... errr ... happen. Also home of many theatres, bars and night clubs.

Also the home of the Holsten Brewery (famous for Holsten Pils) where the beer comes in a 2L stein. The stein has a lid so you dont spill any beer while conducting the singing of that old drinking hymn Eich bein ein Rattarrsedschwein

[Holsten Brewery]

Anywhere you can have a beer, a burger, and a shag can't be bad!