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Known simply as Puzzle Palace or the Ivory Tower, this is where Commander RLC TA and Colonel RLC TA create mind numbing edicts that will affect the day to day running of the RLC TA Regiments. Decisions such as which Regiment will be up for the chop on the next cull(see 86 PC Regt RLC(V), 161 Amb Regt RLC(V), 155 Tpt Regt RCT(V) and 164 Tpt Regt RLC(V)) to the quantity of paper clips required in Troop Commanders stationary boxes are made here. Logic cannot be applied to any decision made within HQ RLC TA. Commander RLC TA and Colonel RLC TA work directly for EL Presidente (DRLC)

HQ RLC TA is responsible for the command of the TA Regiments through 1 Logistic Support Group RLC(V), Movement Support Group RLC(V), Cat Sup Regt RLC(V) and the Independent Regiments.