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HM Revenue and Customs

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Thieving Bastards! Will write more after I calm down... OK, had a lie down.

Taxes were originally introduced to pay for the Napoleonic War. The current organisation set up by the government to legally take your money away from you on the pretext of supplying services, pensions and defence is called the Inland Revenue.

This should be a noble organisation intent on raising money for the funding of the infrastructure and upkeep of our fine nation. In reality it is a money grubbing, seedy organisation intent on squeezing the last penny out of the poor while ignoring the rich.

The money so raised is squandered on a variety of hair-brained schemes designed to make the government of the day look dynamic and inspired. It never gets to those who need it most. Quelle surprise!

In April 2004, the Inland Revenue merged with HM Customs and Excise (those wonderful people who brought you VAT; Excise Duties on booze, fags, betting, and oils; and Customs Duties), to form HM Revenue and Customs. C&E's National Investigation Service went on to form the core of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), as opposed to the Frivolous Organised Crime Agency.

So now all your direct and indirect tax, National Insurance, and tax credits needs can be met by one super-duper department with a massive computer system... that probably doesn't work. I mean why should it be different from any other computer system put in in recent years? ... and it makes it a lot easier to lose everone's files in a one-er rather than having to have many departments leave many hard drives/cd's/memory sticks in pubs.

Just remember that the Inland Revenue has more employees than the Royal Navy. We have a government that thinks that a tax is the best form of defence.