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Gunnery Training Team

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The Gunnery Training Team (GTT) is a training consultancy organisation based in Larkhill, and is regarded as an 'elite' within the Gunnery Staff, routinely taking the very best graduates from The Gunnery Careers Course. It reports through a byzantine command chain to both the Director Royal Artillery and the Commandant of the Royal School of Artillery - which doesn't create problems at all. Much.

The Team is 'commanded' by a Lieutenant Colonel (who styles himself Chief Instructor - not sure what of precisely) and thereafter the normal military hierarchy breaks down. It seems - to an outsider - to be run entirely on a daily whim by a quorum consisting of the Chief Instructor and his RSMI and Master Gunner - both individuals of Warrant Officer Class One status. The presence of the other 7 Majors in the operation appear entirely secondary.

The Team is rightly regarded as 'Friendly Forces' by the overwhelming majority of the Gunners and are especially noted for their proactivity and 'can do' attitude. They own all aspects of Pre Deployment Training and regularly deploy into Operational Areas, both to provide instruction on critical capabilities and to remain operationally current. They also provide support to all Overseas Training Exercises (OTX) and routinely deploy to Kenya, Belize and Norway. It currently possesses both of the only true Joint Fires Instructors anywhere in the Army, and the foremost UAV expert anywhere in the British Armed Forces.

GTT is widely regarded as the shining gateway for newly qualified SMIGs who aspire to be appointed to the Battery of their choice as a BSM. The state of play for the Officers i.e. IGs is not so good, in keeping with the rest of the Gunnery Staff.

The Team lives down in Purvis Lines which they share with HQ 1 Arty Bde.