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Gunnery Staff

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The Gunnery Staff is an organisation owned by the Royal Artillery to deliver training and operational support to deployed Force Elements.

It consists of two main groups of people:

The Sergeant Major Instructor Gunnery (SMIG) and Master Gunner

SMIGs (WO2) and Master Gunners (WO1) are all graduates of The Gunnery Careers Course (GCC) and are supposedly the very best SNCOs that the can be provided at any one time. This is open to debate - the selection process is enormously subjective and entirely dependant on the whims of Commanding Officers and the DRA alike. What is clear is that one's entire career can be spent on the Gunnery Staff. Traditionally, the very best graduates from GCC go to The Gunnery Training Team.

The Gunnery Instructors (IGs)

Although similarly educated on The Gunnery Instructors Course, IGs are a poor lot by comparison to their Warrant Officer colleagues. Once upon a time, Gunnery was taken extremely seriously by the Royal Artillery officer corps - these days, it is regarded as something to be avoided. The worst thing one Gunner officer can say is to admit to being 'technical'. The current DRA is fully seized of the need to change this state of affairs and is doing something about it.