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Gunner (rank)

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Gunner, A brave soul showing above average intelligence and destined to become one of HM's finest. As part of the RA, there role is diverse.

It is rumored they are exceptionally endowed and one of the few soldiers who can access P-Coy to earn wings, Commando Course to earn daggers or the famed Special Observers Course to earn the Green Triangle.

Reportedly it is said the when Andy Mcnabb retired he was asked if he had any regrets. He apparently looked into the middle distance and said 'I was never a Gunner'.

Only private in the RA not to be called Gunner, are those referred to as Trooper at the HAC. Some have suggested STAB Gunner a suitable title but the HAC CoC have retained Trooper.

[1] These are Gunners with a big gun [2] This is a Gunner, but this is not a gun

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