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Foot Guards

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The Guards are Infantry but also provide the Ceremonial Guard for the Royal Castles and Palaces.

They Consist of:-

An anonymous soldier of The Great War wrote of them:

"It was the fashion to sneer at the Guards because of their fine discipline and excellent parade ground work. They had their faults, as I was to find out later. Most of their NCOs would do anything, including murder, for half a crown (or eighteenpence, if you could convince them that you hadn't any more). They were the most corrupt lot of blighters that ever levied small blackmail, but they were fine soldiers magnificently officered. You could sleep very peacefully in reserve if you knew that you had the Guards in front of you."

They also have three entries in Brewer's "Rogues, Villains & Eccentrics" under:

  • Guards, the Irish
  • guardsman found with bishop
  • Guards tie, hanging onself with one's

All of which lend added credence to the quoted paragraph above.

I remember a tabloid rumour back in the 80's that you could 'have' a guardsman for £20.