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Guantanamo Bay

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Get away from it all with the US Government

Inhospitable holiday camp for various detained "persons" of a Peaceful disposition.

Run by Gooba Bush, the great shaved ape, in the sunny climes of Cuba.

Cold and cold running water, air conditioned rooms, free food, orange jumpsuits which the airline wont lose, free flights, you dont need your passport to board and will even be helped to your seat by helpful US government employees! Amazing how many people want to turn down this generous offer.....

Oh,and its nothing like Spain.

Update: With the election of the Magic Negro (Jan 2009) to the White House, Gitmo is to be closed. Some F wit in the UK Govt (probably the office junior Milliban) decided to let the bitter, incarcerated, west hating, islamic nutters settle here ... you couldn't make it up could you!