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Comes in Small, Medium, Large and Fat Cnut.

Flying overall worn by RAF aircrew on all possible occasions typically a fetching shade of olive green, and normally sporting a large squadron badge and an 'amusing' name patch which will say something like 'Flt Lt Hugh Jardon, Hugh G Rection or 'Hugh Jorgan' [Is there a pattern emerging here?].

Whilst only a few RAF personnel do any flying other than the annual family holiday to Ibiza, all of them have a growbag or two hidden away somewhere so that they can, when required, give the impression that they've just climbed from the cockpit of the new high altitude underwater supersonic VTOL interceptor they've just been test-piloting.

Growbags are enthusiastically worn at every opportunity by those with the least braincells, believing that the wearer of a growbag has greatly increased their standing in the world - and chances with their preferred gender. Losers.

However, there are some seriously steady people out there who wear flying suits. The AAC (apart from Apache drivers, obviously), the Andrew and presumably at least one member of the RAF.

Growgags are so called because they are filled with a substance promoting plant growth. In other words, full of shit. How do you know you're in a room with a pilot? He'll tell you.

Note the incredibly ally ankle holsters on the short arrse on the right. Ideal for keeping sidearms, gloves, grot or 2 cans of Wifebeater. Also available in pink.