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Grief Ghoul

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A Grief Ghoul is a particularly insidious type of troll that is appearing more and more on ARRSE. Blondebint was considered the first Grief Ghoul to appear on ARRSE and in her departure, seems to have created a private army that follows in her footsteps.


It has a tendency to post awful and wholly inappropriate poetry on condolence threads. An example is reproduced here for educational purposes only:

Tears are proof of life - the more love, the more tears.
If this be true, than how could we ask that the pain cease altogether?
For then the memory of love would go with it.
The pain of grief is the price we pay for love.

Actions On

In the event that you observe such appalling behaviour, please either:

Your cheerful, helpful ARRSE representative will then suspend the cnut's account forever.

The Cringing Gallery

Please post screenshots and DTG stamp codes of when you witnessed such behaviour here.

I'm sure you get the point. All seems to be the same poster as well!

When Condolence Threads Go Wrong

ARRSE being what it is: a dark cyberworld inhabited by sex pests, suicidal drunkards, the afflicted and generally funny fuckers, it would come as no real surprise to see condolence threads created for an executed Rottweiler and a suicidal rodent.

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