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Green Tax

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A new, proposed (that means imminent) UK tax on those who pollute the world.

Likely to be another in a long line of taxes like the 'road tax' where money is taken from you to pay for a specific item but (instead) is spent in no such place. For example: 'road tax' (Vehicle Excise Duty) is 'supposed' to be spent on the upkeep and building of roads. In reality it just ends up going to the Chav Support Fund - also known as Social Security.

The roads, of course, go to wrack and ruin because it's too expensive to build/repair them since there's no money! Each year ¬£1000's worth of damage is done to the suspensions of motorists who are getting no value for the money extorted out of them. In fact only 15% of Vehicle Excise Duty is spent on roads - and I think we are well aware that National Insurance¬Ě is no such thing.

The Green Tax will be another such tax where the the 30 million tax payers of the UK are expected to pay to save the World while the other 5 billion 970 million go right on fucking it up. The money will, of course, never be seen again!

Taxpayers must already suspect that Green Tax will not improve parks, save wild countryside or discover new energy sources. It will just vanish into the common pool used to pay for quangos and MEPs and John Prescott's Jag collection.

The latest Green Tax was the increase in the surcharge for airline flights. HOWEVER - in the subtle genius we have come to expect from Gordy Brown - the increase is just enough to realise some serious revenue BUT not actually a big enough rise to stop you flying (its main aim). The man is truly a tax genius; a cnut... but still a genius.

Now the Tories have leaped on the tax increase bandwagon and stated that they wish to price every fucker out of the air. What a splendid idea. That's going to knock weekend piss ups in Riga on the head then?

The Tories - being brain dead - have yet to realise that this is going to lose David Cameron the next election, as people are getting a tad tired of being told that everything is their fault and that they must pay more taxes to compensate for their 'Carbon Footprint'.

It's quite obvious that (despite aero engines being more efficient and cleaner-burning than ever before) they'd rather have every fucker shoe-horned on to the M6, or packed in to trains like Jews on an Auschwitz day trip, rather than encourage people to utilise domestic flights to alleviate congestion on the rail & road networks.

Finally, given we have F all heavy industry, just 1% of the World's population and 2% of the World's carbon emission - how the feck are we supposed to overcome what China and India are doing to the climate? It would be like trying to stop a tidal wave with a sponge. Still, not to worry. It's all OUR fault, and we are going to pay for the privilege of the guilt trip.