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Green as a colour

A mix of blue and yellow and a colour that the British Army uses a fair amount of. It is also used to describe an attitude.

Green as an attitude

As an attitude, it's a mix of tofu-knitting, Earth mother, hippy, save the gay disabled lesbian whales, coupled with a general lack of personal hygiene, allied to an overweening bossiness that is otherwise only seen among the ranks of Neu Arbeit.

Global warming is a problem, if your house is less than 60 metres above present sea level and you don't like sunshine.

My house is on a hill and a tan rather suits me, so I drive a large petrol-engined car and sponsor a chap in Brazil to burn as much rainforest as he can get round with a flame thrower and thermite grenades. I worship at the teak & panda-skin statue of Jeremy Clarkson.

See also Carbon Footprint and Lesbo-Fascist.