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The Guardian newspaper. So called due to its (once) prolific spilling erors.

More Left Wing than a Messerschmitt with its Right Wing shot off, the Grauniad is read by university professors, choir masters, beardy real ale types, lesbo-fascists, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police - basically everyone who's never had to actually work for a living. This is reflected perfectly in its weekly society supplement. Fancy a job as an Asian Art Director for Hounslow Borough Council (or the NHS) on £30k? Thought so. Worryingly, you're not alone - which sums up perfectly why this once great nation is going tits up at a frightening speed. See Jobzilla.

With its incredibly high 2% of the newspaper market, it is only the fact that almost all public sector jobs are advertised in jobzilla that keeps the Guardian financially afloat. And people wonder why the Guardian appears to be a fully paid-up member of the looniest wing of the Labour Party -- in fact it's essentially the Labour Party that pays their bills!

Oddly not keen on Tony Blair ... can't imagine why? And has finally decided that Gordon Brown is the anti-christ (although they have changed their minds about 30 times in the last 2 years)