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Grab A Granny

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Hey sonny...

Come and enjoy my experience...

An exciting prospect for many a soldier is the option to embark on a "Grab A Granny" night.

Usually, the night out will begin in the normal manner, with a few sherbets and best intentions of trapping off with a stunner. After the beer goggles have been placed on the head, and the slow realisation that no sane woman would frequent the Bramshill Hunt, young lads with low morals and big sacks will gravitate towards some of the older ladies in the facility, in order to "enjoy the wealth of experience that a mature lady has".

Some groups of young lads have been known to actually plan on a Grab A Granny night. However, these people are usually in the Royal Signals and are just practising a variation of a Go Ugly Early.

Definitely not to be confused with MILF hunting but is distantly related to GILF hunting but without a discerning eye deployed.

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