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Good Egg

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n. 1. A decent bloke. 2. A person likely to do you a favour or be helpful.

A good egg is not necessarily a person that you know particularly well, but will still help you out in a sticky situation.

Example: “I hardly know him but he kicked my scrote out the dog’s mouth just before it bit down hard. He’s a good egg, I’ll tell you that, nurse!”.

The Good Egg Equation

It goes without saying that your bezzer is not only a good egg, but that you tell him that he is with increasing frequency in direct proportion to the amount of wobbly that you have consumed, in accordance with:

gh-1 = nb + w


  • gh-1 = “you’re a good egg” per hour
  • nb = bezzer (where n = 1)
  • w = wobbly (pints of, consumed)

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