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A charming young Recovery Mechanic, he is living proof that not every rech mech has a body like Rick Wallah and an addiction to pies.

One of the more manly and attractive members of ARRSE, ARRSE-Maidens swoon when he enters a thread.

Charming, friendly, polite, helpful, loved by all, a true gentleman - none of these describe him properly.

A wizard with a computer, a skilled singer and song writer - are there no ends to this mans talents? Dont get to near him during drinking contest though as he is also skilled at projectile vomiting.

A Christmas London Crawl survivor, even if he doesnt remember much of it. Yes its true, he cant handle his ale but that doesnt stop him trying. Also a Army v Navy Crawl 2006 survivor.

President of Club Slug.

Enjoys abusing pentwyn/lawstudent/yannie at every opportunity.

Has a fetish for ladies sitting on his lap.

Has also been known to fall over, trip, bark and generally do odd things when wimen are about!! Oh and loves Brighton!

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