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Drastic plastic tupperware gun with the safety on the trigger blade.


  • Mongs don't have to remember to do such a difficult thing as release a safety or pull through for a double-action shot
  • Ill-trained mongs will shoot themselves in the foot when holstering, thus removing them from duty for a while
  • Doesn't hold fingerprints well
  • You can keep your sandwiches in it


  • Makes NDs very easy for the same ill-trained mongs
  • Incompatibility with drills for real pistols (apparently a couple of Aussie coppers have been perforated when their oppos did "mag off, rack 3 times, hammer down")
  • Trigger is terrible and made of melted-down crisp packets
  • .40 & .45 cal versions have a habit of blowing up (Only if you reuse the ammunition you dunce. Factory made ammunition apparently doesn't do that...)