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Glasgow and Strathclyde UOTC

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History of the Corps

Glasgow University's links with the military go back to 1708 and 1746 when companies were raised to protect the University and Glasgow from the Jacobites. At the start of the Victorian Volunteer Movement in the 1880's professors and students formed two infantry companies for the 1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers. In 1908 as part of Haldane's reforms of the Volunteer forces, Glasgow University Officers Training Corps was founded and incorporated in the new Territorial Force. In those Edwardian days, the Corps numbered some 400 officer cadets organised into 3 infantry companies and an engineer company.


During the First World War, the Corps trained many potential officers for Kitchener's New Armies and by the summer of 1916 had provided 2,800 officers. Between the Wars the Corps added medical, artillery, and signals detachments to its strength.


In the Second World War its role was to train officers from those students conscripted into the Army and to provide basic training for those who remained behind as a Home Guard Unit. At its height the Corps rose to 1,500.

Present Day

Today, Glasgow & Strathclyde Universities Officers Training Corps consists of infantry, signallers, artillery, and engineers sub units and a basic training wing as well as a fully established Pipes and Drums. There are 3 companies within the corps:

Waterloo is the first years coy, Ypres the second years and Rhine for the 3+ years.

Currently about 160 male and female students participate in the Corps which include adventurous training and social pursuits beside the normal military ones. There are opportunities to go skiing, parachuting or gain qulaifications such as MLT. They have 3 main camps a year along with many other weekends away in and around Scotland. Training consists mainly of MTQ1 and MTQ2. As in the past many officers and officer cadets from the Corps go on to the Army as Regulars of Territorials once they leave University.

The officer cadets have no war role except to join Regular and TA units, if they wish.

Their website is here