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Glasgow Rangers

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Glasgow Rangers, wearing red, white and blue have come to represent the British Protestant group, supporting Unionist causes and often displaying more allegiance to Britain than Scotland.

In other words...

Second rate team of foreign soccer players who suffer the adulation of a bunch of bigoted Protestant low brows in Glasgow (although without the Catholics supplying an opponent, they would just be another mindless street gang - albeit with their own pubs).

Biggest cause of violence in Glasgow (after general drink-related assaults). If a bloke asks you what team you support in Glasgow, it's always wise to look for an escape route - especially as there will be religious overtones. Try to be clever and say you're a Hearts or Hibs fan and this will also result in a kicking - depending on which pub you're in. In this case say you support Gretna and they will just laugh.

Unofficial motto: No surrender!

This is a link to the cry of the British/Dutch Army that gathered in Ireland in 1689 and who fought for the religious rights and freedoms of the British against the Roman Catholic Church and its leader, the Anti-Christ (also known as the Pope). He changes every few years to a new body as he is very busy insulting other religions. It is noted that the present one will be on his way shortly after some dodgy remarks towards the rag heads.

Note: No one likes them and they don't care.