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The National Free-For-All

Girobank Cheque - Primary source of income for Pikeys and Chavs. After junk mail, the most common piece of mail delivered by postmen which kind of makes you think that useless wasters are Britain's only growth industry.

As a part time postman many years ago Giro day was like a feeding frenzy at the local council flats. They would follow you on your round repeating the words (in an increasingly desperate way) "Haw Big Man, gonnie gee us ma Giro n that?" in an attempt to stop his wife/girlfriend getting her hands on his beer/betting money.

True Story

Some years ago, a retired RSM took a job as a postman and delivered on a round in Liverpool. One day his bike was stolen whilst delivering the weekly Giros. The ex-Badge stood in the middle of the bleak, windswept concrete piazza and screamed: 'Listen in! If that fucking bike isn't back here in two minutes, I will burn every single Giro in this sack!' The bike was duly returned with much apology from the local scallies.