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Girls Aloud

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4 Slappers and Gwar

5 strong reality-TV girl band who wish they were the Sugababes, Also alleged members of the neo nazi party.

Rather better known for their looks than their music, but that may not be a bad thing. Most aspired to the post of Wag, and at least two have managed to achieve their parasitical dream.

One member Cheryl Tweedy was charged in 2003 with racially aggravated assault for beating up a black toilet attendant (the attendant was black, not the toilet). She was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm but escaped the racially motivated bit. Things looked to have turned around for Cheryl when she married Ashley 'soccer god' Cole. However he was caught shagging a slapper of a hairdresser and now Cheryl is looking for advice from M'learned friends.

Definitely not Munters although they do have a rather uncoordinated GWAR.