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Ginster's Pasties

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Pre-packaged meat flavoured snacks sold from vending machines in Spars and Naafis which can then be heated up in a microwave oven and consumed. This creates a foodstuff which is deceptively cool on the outside but actually contains a filling of white-hot meat slurry which will savagely scorch your tongue moments after you have taken your first bite. Fortunately this means that you can't actually taste the rest of it.

Although commonly believed to have been developed by Cornish entrepreneurs to feed the local mining communities, recent research shows that the 'Cornish' pasty is in fact an import from Devon and that the recipe was stolen sometime in the 3rd Century by redheaded pirates.

However, since the "research" imputing the pasty's origins came from a Devonian "scholar", most commentators now agree that the noble pasty is indeed from Cornwall. After all, if pastys (to use the Cornish spelling) were originally from Devon, we would surely know them as "Devon Pastys". This writer also questions wheather anything from Ginsters should count as a pasty.

A sub-species of NAAFI Growler.

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