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  • Derivation of GWAR is uncertain at this time but some sources believe it is a corruption of the olde English "GOA", meaning Ginger of Attitude. Other authorities say it is derived from the phrase "GWA", being Ginger With Attitude, also written as GWAR or GUAR. Current usage is for the epithet GWAR to be applied to any jinner, regardless of attitude.
  • If your kids are afflicted by carroty genes, have you considered shaving their heads and telling folks they have leukemia to disguise the fact?
  • See also Gwa, Smell of Twiglets & Fox Piss, Taste of Battery Acid, As Popular as a Welsh Ginger Stepson.
  • Disturbingly some females of GWAR disposition can be dead hot (excluding Hazel Blears) ... (God's way of ensuring there are more Gingers to carry on the gene, I guess) but will still be totally mental. Genetically scientists think they may be directly related to Neanderthals but frankly who cares.
  • In screening for the GWAR gene, be assiduous in inspecting your partner's family tree. Given that something like 20% of Britain is ginger, your S.O. could be an unknowing "carrier." And when that little GWAR sucker pops out, hijinx will ensue.

Due to the problem of Gwar's not finding each other attractive, scientists have postulated that the dominant ginger gene will be defunct by 2050. They'll go the way of the Dodo and proper socialism.

So all ginger squaddies ... its up to you guys. Save the gingers, Shag a Gwar!

Lads of the ginger persuasion were affectionately known as "Gingles" as they were ginger and generally single!

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