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Its ours ... F off Pedro!

Located at the most southern tip of Spain or how the locals would say "located at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula."

Gibraltar, although a Tri-Service establishment, is mostly a naval asset. RAF Gibraltar is a shadow of its former Cold War self and mostly serves as a refuel stop and training area for air force assets.

The locals are friendly - if what a little erratic at times, but on the whole are committed to the British forces as well as the British monarchy. They totally refute any Spanish links or likeness - including the fact that they speak Spanish! Squaddies tend to refer to Gibraltarians as 'Gibbos' (pr. jibbo) to which they take great offence, so its best not used in most circles.

The rock itself is a wonder to behold and contains over thirty miles of WW2 tunnels. Contrary to popular belief, there are no nuclear warheads stored inside the rock... or a stargate! A popular pastime (for personnel stationed there)is to run to the very top in one go! This is often followed by either heart failure or a sense of jubilation.

Particularly interesting are the amazing wanking monkeys of the rock. These unbelievably ugly flee-bitten beasts will give the tourist a friendly screech while lazily having one off the wrist. When not engaging in the real thing, the monkeys enjoy a bit of rape/being raped (involving a whole lot of of screeching by both parties) followed by a bit of post-coital flea-picking, and of course getting the nappa down.

It is said that the British will leave (i.e. the rock will fall) when the amazing wanking monkeys leave, which is probably true, because beyond a bit of simian voyeurism (and the Ragged Staff Cave) there's not very much of interest there.

Gibraltar is a contested territory, Spain wants it, Gibraltarians want to say British but Whitehall sucks the international cock once more and does little to lock Gibraltar as a part of the UK, opting for 'shared sovereignty'. What a bunch of cnuts! Anyhow, for the time being, it's ours: red telephone boxes, bobbies on the beat and Auntie Betty on the banknotes - in true colonial style. The word 'colony' is a bit un-PC these days and the former colony and British Dependent Territory was reclassified (again) as a BOT - a British Overseas Territory in 2002.

Home of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

Gibraltar has been central to many conflicts, but is also the scene of one of the UK's most recent military operations, and certainly the only opposed beach assault in recent times: Operation Hola Poli