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Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider
0014.gif This user is a SysOp and ARRSEpedia guru. 0014.gif
Date Joined 7 Dec 2004
Posts 1333
Location The ARRSE end of the country.

Responsible for providing the good folks of ARRSE with the infamous Amarillo clip by hosting it on his server - which was crashed by the general population after the clip was reported by The Sun.

Moderator of the ARRSEPedia board as Ghost_Rider along with Duck Dodgers.

A Salisbury ARRSE Crawl survivor!

Anya1982 - is a life saver! When it comes to being PC lit, what would we do with out him?

mine sweeper of beers & IT guru, what a man

Sluice_dweller - and a good egg!

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