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George W Bush

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Shaved Chimp

As incredible as it may seem, out of a population of nearly 300,000,000, this man was elected President of the United States, twice! Was there really nobody else?

When it comes to looking distinctly vacant and out-of-his-depth, this man reigns supreme. Referred to as the 'Shaved Monkey' this bumbling oaf makes Boris Johnson look like Laurence Olivier when it comes to spouting drivel - which usually utilizes the words 'God' and 'freedom' in unhealthy doses. Scarily With Sarah Palin now spouting even more bizarre rubbish as she positions herself for a run at presidential elections 2012, GW is looking rather statesman like and had a calming influence on world affairs!

Now retired to a ranch in Texas just north of Dallas, he has taken to phoning people up and asking them how they are.

GWB did not exactly engender one with confidence, his 'yeehaar Goddammit' good ol' boy approach didnt sell particularly well abroad - especially with the French. It's true what they say... Only in America!