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Geoff Hoon

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Buff was the longest serving defence minister since 1st Viscount (Richard) Haldane, who served as Secretary of State for War between December 1905 and June 1912, and is the fourth longest serving single defence minister in British history. How on earth...?

It's surprising just how long it's taken for the Right Dishonourable Minister to appear as an entry in ARRSEpedia, but better late than never. Geoff is a cnut of the highest order and the archetypal Blairite Yes Man. Totally inept at everything on his 'to do' list, this individual is the antithesis of the Midas touch - everything within arms' length strangely turning a familiar brown colour.

Geoff 'Buff' Hoon is also Cockney apples 'n' pears rhyming bollocks for 'buffoon' oddly... or not.

Currently proving just how big a cunt he is by repeatedly turning down requests to have our fighting chaps decorated. You'd think he had to pay for the things himself!

More about this useless twat here: Buff

Read here how the TLA TCH (That Cnut Hoon) came in to common usage: ARRSE thread

TCH can currently be found stabbing Gordon Brown in the back, telling anyone who'll listen that he fought tirelessly to ensure that troops in Iraq were correctly equipped despite the party leadership - and interestingly failling to mention how he said nothing about it at the time.

Hoon: Australian colloquialism (noun), generally taken to mean a young male fcukwit in a high powered car or Daewoo Matiz with all the bells and whistles, who drives said car in circles thus emitting large amounts of smoke from its tyres at 2am much to the annoyance of the local residents.

They are easily spotted when it is noticed that the alloy wheels on the vehicle are worth more than the car itself.

They also have a propensity for crashing said vehicles into immovable objects at high speed and in this manner strengthening the gene pool and giving the local Press another chance to write a tear jerker piece.

Quite possibly related to that cnut Hoon.