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Geneva Convention

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Agreement between nations which should ensure that captured enemy military personnel are not attached to the 115/240v mains, introduced to rubber truncheons, have their nadgers savaged by Furry Crocodiles or forced to dress up like Royal Marine Commandos on the piss.

Unfortunately not all nations are signed up, obey the restrictions or indeed give a toss about International Humanitarian Law and/or Civvie/Combatants/Prisoners rights.

194 nation-states in the world have signed the Geneva Convention. Guilty parties who contravene the Convention:

  • The good old US of A under the (mis)direction of the shaved chimp. 'Enemy combatants' are not allowed the rights of the GC seemingly but do have the rights to an all expenses paid holiday in sunny Cuba.
  • Iran appears not to have signed the part that ensures the sanctity of a POW's ipod and will insist that the POW dress in insulting, demeaning and bollock irritating polyester suits.