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Geeks are nerds that almost get along and function non-awkwardly in real life.

Geeks can't help but associate with nerds because of common interests but often appear embarrassed by the behaviour of their nerd counterpart. The truth is that they are ashamed of their own nerdiness and try to hide it from their real-life friends.

In short, geeks are nerds who have a semi-social life and are fond of being over-friendly.

Geeks are tribal basing their entire lives around a tv program, film, book or even games. They will be able to quote you chapter and verse on their area of expertise (actors, plots, history you name it) but don't expect much else. Examples of geek tribes would be

Geeks of other tribes are to be derided, mocked and generally brought low using the power of argument and mockery that will inevitably degenerate into a Geek War.