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Gathering of 64

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The now infamous 'Gathering of 64' was an attempt by some well meaning ARRSErs to meet up and go out together. In spite of many warnings that it would all go downhill very quickly, a brave team of ARRSErs, including Darth Doctrinus, Pangur Ban, Blessed Baby Cakes, Dale the Snail and Manchestercop all arrived in good order at the RV in Manchester.

What happened then is the stuff of nightmares.

The hostess (whose name momentarily escapes me) revealed herself to be a complete stark staring homocidal maniac, with a predilection for running out of her house at 0300hrs screaming insanely. The situation was so dire that Pangur Ban - an ARRSEr hardly noted for profanity - produced the words that have scorched into all present ARRSErs memories for ever - 'Fcuk this - let's get out of here!' at which point the assembled team did.

Following Manchestercop's directions, the extraction plan was then enacted by means of a swift (drunken**)drive round to the MacDonald's carpark about 300m away. Following the inhalation of helium to buoy flagging spirits, the team then adjourned to a Travelodge for brekkie, before escaping onto the M1 and home.

At this point, Manchestercop revealed his true colours and stole Dale the Snail's beans. Beans she didnt want and paid for by Slopes - good show old boy.

Moral of the story - ARRSE Crawls can seriously damage your health. Just like everyone said it would.

It was the first noted ARRSE crawl.

The number '64' is significant because that's how many times the hostess called Blessed Baby Cakes wanting to know where we had gone...

Note**: Pangur Ban had stopped drinking at early o'clock and had been accused of being a wooss for doing so. Intuition is a great gift.