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The gallery allows users to upload pictures where they can be viewed by other members of the site. It also allows users to post comments against each picture. Needless to say the majority of comments are not of the 'don't you look lovely variety' so I continue to amazed at the number of people willing to subject themselves to public abuse.

Upload Errors

File Types

The gallery will allow the following types of images files to be uploaded: GIF/PNG/JPG/JPEG/TIF/TIFF. These refer to the file extension letters at the end of the image filename. Windows will hide these by default so if you get upload errors, open the folder with the image in, right click on the image you were trying to load and select "properties". You will see the full filename of the image including a .XXX at the end - this is the file type and must be one of the above. If it isn't, open the image in whatever weird and wonderful graphics software you have, selected "save as" from the file menu, and save the file as one of the above.

Forbidden Characters

The following characters may not be included in the image filename: $/:*?"'<>|` If the filename does include these rename the file (right click, rename).

Moderation Policy

All images are approved or rejected by the site administrators, and no apology or thanks will be given, simply because it is not practical to write every time an image is uploaded. That said we do very much appreciate your input.

Comments are made instantly without admin checking, in the same way as the forums. There is no dedicated moderator for the gallery comments, and the responsibility lies with users to let us know of anything offensive (please email and we will address the problem).

The moderation policy for images and the comments is the minimum level used for the main site: HERE and as described for the NAAFI. Basically common sense applies, but if you upload a photo of yourself, expect some fairly offensive stuff - your choice!

It goes without saying that pornographic images will not be accepted.

Upload Quota

There is no limit to the number of pictures a user may submit for the gallery.