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What, no SR71?

Grandmothers I'd Like to Fuck

Now this is a bit of a toughie, as MILFs will invariably turn in to GILFs. And depending on when you grew up, pound to a penny all that totty is now pensionable. For example: Felicity Kendal.

Yeah, we all wanted to kick her Back Doors in back in the '70s, but now? I should coco! She's as hot as ever. She's also on the ARRSEpedia MILF list, but technically, she's a GILF - as are a few others mentioned. Honour Blackman? Yummy mummy? Try bus pass. OK, not quite pushing a zimmerframe... yet. But would you? I think you would you twisted freak - and so would I! Time to get pedantic:

  • Susannah York (for necrophiliacs)
  • Jane Fonda
  • Cheri Lunghi
  • Wendy Craig
  • Anne Robinson (just for curiosity's sake)
  • Honor Blackman
  • Diana Weston (the fit one in The Upper Hand)
  • Luren Tewes (the fit one off The Love Boat)
  • Nanette Newman (Hands that do dishes might do something else)
  • Penelope Keith (Bonnet of a Range Rover.... oh yes!)
  • Helen Mirren (thinking man's crumpet)
  • Anna Ford
  • Jenny Bond (Does her housework without knickers apparently)
  • Anita Dobson (So you thought Den was dirty?)
  • Anne Diamond (Post-spleen clamp. But then again...?)
  • Sophia Loren (Jugtastic)
  • Kiri Te Kanawa
  • Wendy Craig (In that nurse's outfit from The Royal)
  • Barbara Windsor (For old times' sake)
  • Hilary Clinton (Not sure whether she's a GILF or a MILF?)
  • Maureen Lipman (Yes... I know... but?)
  • Felicity Kendal (YUM!)
  • Bo Derek (still at least 10)
  • Raquel Welch (Oh is she still hot! and perky!!)
  • Jaclyn Smith (this angel is lasting forever!)
  • Linda Carter (how is that chest supported?)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (I feel grubby just thinking about her)
  • Valerie Singleton (ooooohhh sticky backed plastic!)
  • Hannah Gordon (the totty next door)

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