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Who he?

A regular ARRSEr who is known for his endless stories and quips from his military prime. Still serving but nonetheless over the hill, he was most recently flagged for his 'Escape and Evasion' techniques thread involving Beer, an SCH and a sharp exit. When he's not posting his own stories, he'll undoubtedly be busy tempting Odd Sgt with offers of discount bleach, or putting a newbie no-mark back in his/her hole.

Dirty BAT

Fugly sports a 'DirtyBAT' tag, created by The Lord Flasheart to mark the rivalry that exists between Squawks and Aviation REMEs. Along with only one other user this makes him easily identifiable to the powers-that-be who wish to look-in from their Ivory Towers and check up on what he posts about his beloved Corps.

Big Brother

After a recent change in the Corps rules, Fugly decided enough was enough and dared to post what we were all thinking anyway. Fast-forward two weeks later and it soon became apparent that the powers-that-be had expressed displeasure in what they were reading. And so it was passed that the witch hunt was to begin in order to find out who it was.

Realising the clock was against him, Fugly moved quicker than a nun's first curry and all sign of his posts and username were mopped up. Since then, the forum in question has remarkably grinded to a halt, with maybe a post or two on a busy day - and these are normally in the form of a bone question, followed by the high-and-mighties blasting that individual for not knowing such a simple question.

Fugly (verb)

Since the 'incident' it has not been uncommon for a fellow ARRSEr to disappear off the radar from time to time. This act has become known as 'doing a Fugly'. Similar to 'doing a Homer' in the classic Simpson's episode whereby Homer 'eeny-meanys' which button to press in reaction to an impending nuclear disaster.

One of the more recent ARRSE users to 'do a Fugly' is fellow 'DirtyBAT', JesterRIP. Although it is not known why / how, it is rumoured that his missus discovered the search function to find certain stories he'd posted on ARRSE.

Certainly since around Oct 09 though, a number of users have since been 'Fuglied' and certain areas of the site have become a little like the graveyard shift.

Update! The Lastest Fuglied User - Another one bites the dust. RIP Tiffybadboy.

He Lives!

Fugly has since returned to ARRSE so here's hoping the place will liven up a little.