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From The Khyber to The Balkans

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This is the incomplete and abridged history of the 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment, detailing how (and why!) they were raised, including such lowlights as The Battles Of Jubilee and Umboto Gorge, their heroic exploits Up the Khyber and giving some folk a kick in the Balkans.


Finally reveals what's worn under a Scotsmans kilt ... nothing its all in perfect working order matron!

Not to be missed, available from the Regimental PRI for thirty Kenyan Shillings.

Literary Praise for "From The Khyber to The Balkans"

  • Rank Stupidity! - Kenneth Williams.
  • Hurhurhurhurhur! - Sid James.
  • It has me in it, which is nice - James Shortt.
  • If I get my tits out will you let me be in this film? - Barbara Windsor.