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Fox News

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Keeping it White Anglo-Saxon Protestant ... at the barrel of a gun if necessary

News channel run by US media company Fox.

So far to the right politically that they can't be seen by anyone else. Fox make absolutely no bones about impartially, they are openly biased against anyone they see as pinko, commie, liberal, fag, wetback sympathisers. Sort of the mirror image of the BBC.

Many Democratic politicians refuse to have anything to do with Fox News due to the way they are ridiculed and shouted down the second they appear on a Fox News show. In shows where 2 opposing views are allowed to debate a point, quite often the extremely opinionated (supposedly mediating) presenters join in shouting down more reasonable guests.

Has been suggested that they are in fact a comedy program but the Republicans in the USA haven't realized this yet. Also suggested that Fox merely spotted an opening in the market and is making a lot of money pandering to the rabid, bigoted, extremists in spamland.

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