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Forward Observation Officer

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Fuck ... the FOO just blew up my lunch!

A God who walks amongst men as Man (although they do seem to allow women these days), also known as a FOO. A Captain in the Royal Regiment.

Sits in an OP hole/ Warrior/ Landy surrounded by a small yet crack team of the finest the Bty has to offer in OP Acks, Signallers and sometimes Drivers.

His job is to co-ordinate ALL the Joint Fires in a fire plan to support an attack, defence or whatever. So whatever the GPMG /MFC troopie may tell you, all his stuff belongs to the FOO, alongside mortars, EW, AH, CAS etc etc.

The actual work of adjusting artillery fire is usually done by the OPAck as the FOO will be away somewhere explaining to a grunt Major why it is that the Major's plan is bollocks and nothing should be done until the big guns are ready to do their battle-winning stuff.

A BC is a grown-up FOO. The difference is that he gets to tell a Lt Col about the bollocksness of his plan.

During WW2 a spotty 2nd Lieutenant could call on a division's worth of artillery onto a single target ... they got a lot of hate mail from the krauts as a result!

Also known as a FST Commander.

Note: The called in fire will still be short, left, right, impacting your portaloo but it will always be someone else's fault.