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Flying Suits

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Suit Sky God Mk13A

With the invitable post-WW2 loss of identity and fame for RAF aircrew, it was necessary for the "Master Race" to ensure their distinct character was displayed clearly within the confines of RAF stations. Accordingly, aircrew stopped wearing RAF uniform on a routine basis, and instead opted for the daily wear of the Flying Overall (aka 'Growbag'). This voluminous and multi-pocketed and zipped item was originally in faded Crab-Fat Grey, but evolved into the modern greeny-thing to appear more rugged.

Hygienically akin to the famous Japanese Sumo Wrestler's underpinnings, the 'Growbag' can be detected nasally at 50 metres and visually at around 100 metres. Detection range is usually further increased by affixing numerous brightly-coloured Velcroed patches which allude to the wearer's prowess, and on occasion also serve to remind him/her of his/her name and Unit. It is particularly popular wear at Happy Hour, as any beer spillage will immediately be absorbed into the overall disruptive pattern of oil streaks, perspiration stains and other unidentifiable surface discolourations.

The internal volume of a 'Growbag' is (like the TARDIS) larger on the inside than it is on the outside due to the thousands of dimension-crossing pockets. Entire clans/species of rodents have been known to take up residence in a growbag's many pockets and live out their lives never being disturbed.

In bad weather the growbag is partly covered by either the issue Flying Jacket or the Aircrew Leather Jacket, which was successfully pushed though the LTC process as an essential item of Aircrew Clothing at the expense of MQ modernisation programmes. It should be noted that the rest of the RAF wears crap non-weatherproof gear, which is however cheap and adequate for the lower orders of society.

The Growbag can also be seen being sported by the more God-like elements of both the Army Air Corps and the Fleet Air Arm. It is also de rigeur for any big timing walty cnut at an airshow who fancies himself as Tom Cruise.

The Growbag comes in two distinct variants: either with or without integral knee pads. The ones without are worn by the Sons of Valhalla in their thunderous steeds, and the ones with sweaty knees are invariably AAC, the Andrew, SHF or Hercules crew. Also available in Desert Pink - which is nice.