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Flak Jacket

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Issued to troops serving in Northern Ireland, the M69 Fragmentation Vest of US manufacture was originally designed for the Vietnam war, the first ones being issued with a frontal zip closure. Unfortunately, one of the main drawbacks with zips is the disastrous consequences for the wearer when hit by a petrol bomb, as this would melt the zip.

The British models were identical in overall appearance but came with velcro fastening which made the vest easier to don and remove; and rubber shoulder stops to facilitate easier aiming of the Rubber Dick Gun and SLR. A good advantage of the flak jacket over CBA was it could be easily removed and put on over your combat jacket. And it made a good pillow to rest your weary head on too. Quite Gucci. Troops were later issued the INIBA vest.

Although replaced, It is still used today by those who decide to purchase their own frag vest.