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Army Fit

The TA is undergoing a radical shake-up in regard to fitness; the aim is to get soldiers up to regular standards within the next few years. There is a new website with training advice for all levels of fitness: [1]

If you are planning on joining the TA (without previous military experience), Stabtiffy2B recommends that you can do the following by the time you turn up to a TA Centre (but don't worry if you are not quite there yet - practice makes perfect):

  • Press Ups, in 2 minutes: Male 30 Female 15
  • Sit Ups, in 2 minutes: 40 for both Males and Females.
  • 2.4KM/1.5 miles in 14 minutes for both Males and Females.
  • A 3 mile Steady State Run in Less than 30 Minutes.

Initial Training

As a new recruit, you will be expected to complete a Risk Reduction Run; a 2.4km run in 14 mins or less (Infantry recruits should complete in 13.30 mins or less), before commencing training. You will be given plenty of opportunities during recruit training to attain the standard for your age/arm on TA CFT / PFT before being sent to ATR/CIC

If you are looking for training advice you might like to try this book: Fighting Fit or download: Fitness Guide

Mr Sapukay recommends [2] as a great way to work out run distances.

If engaging in officer training the 2.4KM/1.5 mile run should be completed in less than 10 minutes for Males and 12 minutes for females. This is a minimum acceptable standard with even quicker times expected by Module 4.

The current fitness requirements for the TA are posted here

For those wishing to join the HAC, Mr Happy says: HAC recruits course is TA infantry level fitness + (the + is where they aim to get you fitter in prep for Patrol Selection Course, but not hugely so)

PSC has two main tests above ICFT and BFT (entry level) which is the 10 miler (don't know what in or carrying what) as its neue and 'long drag' at the end of your six months PSC which was 45km with 55lbs in best time (10 - 12 hours)

Potential TA PTI Assessment

Before attending the TA PTI (B) course you will probably (depending on your Brigade set-up) be required to attend a 'Potential PTI assessment Weekend' with your local Bde SMI. You cannot be recommended for the TA PTI (B) until you have attended this weekend.

All bids for the PTI course are usually bid through your PSI via the SMI.

The Weekend consists of Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA), Annual Fitness Test (AFT), Military Swim Test (MST) and a couple of assessments.

  • Training Programme

The programme may differ slightly depending on which Brigade is running the weekend.

Friday night

Arrival, opening address and short written test (Basic 'PTI' type knowledge).

PFA: Under 30 male standards. You will be counted by a qualified PTI on your sit-ups and press-ups, they MUST be perfect form. Press ups will be assessed with a fist under your chest. Sit ups will only be counted if your head touches the mat and you return to the 90 degree upright mark. Min 44 press-ups, Min 50 sit-ups less than 10:30 on the run

'Warm up' lesson: All members of the group are assessed on a rolling warmup each taking turns in taking part of the exercise (after a demonstration).

Prep for AFT, weigh kit etc.

Saturday Morning

AFT - 8 miles in 2 hours carrying 55lb including helmet and Rifle but do not include the water you will drink (if you have not prepared for this you will fail!). This is the hardest part of the whole assessment and will test you even if you find the CFT easy. It will probably be on the hardest, hilliest route you will ever have taken an AFT.

Straight after that you will complete the basic MST in shirt and combat trousers.

You will then be given a group de-brief and those who have passed will be informed.

Pass this weekend and you will be recommended for the PTI (B) course. Fail, you will have to re-attend but you will be given guidance on how to improve where you have failed.

TA PTI Basic Course

TA PTI (B) is not a trade but a qualification gained by members of the TA.

The course is 12 days long and is held at Fox Lines in Aldershot which is the home of the Army School of Physical Training (ASPT)

  • Course Loading

TA units bid for the course on behalf of their soldiers via the local Brigade SMI. The Bde SMI is required to sign off that the soldier has passed all the tests before attending the course.

  • Input Standards

The course is open to All Arms who are medically fit. Privates will be expected to be granted local rank of Lance Corporal for the duration of the course.

The course standard is age and gender free - everyone has to pass the PFA and AFT at 17-30 year old male (Infantry) level and complete the MST:

44 press-ups in 2 mins

50 sit-ups in 2 mins

2.4km run in under 10.30 mins

AFT - 8 miles with CEG weight in under 2 hours.

MST (wearing swimming kit) - 2 mins treading water, then 100m swim. This is not timed.

  • Training Programme

When you arrive on the Monday you will complete the tests above with the exception of the AFT which is usually carried out the next day. If you do not reach the required standard, you will be given a second chance to pass the PFA/AFT/MST later in the week. If you fail the re-tests you will be RTU'd.

After you have completed these tests the remainder of the course is spent learning the basic elements required to become a PTI;

  • PT Theory
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pratical lessons on Circuits, Obstacle Courses & Endurance Runs (which you will be required to take)
  • Safe Practise, Health & Safety, & Risk Assessments (Lots of this!)
  • Output Standards

On passing the course soldiers will be awarded their crossed swords badge and will be qualified as TA PTI (B) for a period of 5 years after which they will have to attend a shorter re-qualification course unless you go on and do the PTI (I) course and then the PTI (A).

Once your crossed swords are gained you can instruct in the following:

AFT(TA), PFA, Circuit Training, Obstacle Course.

TA PTI (B) - Tips and Advice

  • Pre-course Fitness - Get out running, you will do a lot of it, from doubling in camp to daily endurance runs. Get some weight on your back and hit the hills. Forget about going to the gym and concentrate on press ups, sit ups, running and tabbing - these are the only factors which will be considered on the course.
  • Swimming - try and do a few lengths in your local baths in clothes; being a good swimmer in speedos is one thing, trying to swim in a shirt designed for Pavarotti is another!
  • Anatomy & Physiology - learn about the human body, you will need to learn the names and positions of every major bone and muscle in the human body and also how the heart and lungs work in conjunction with your muscles. You will be given the info during the course, but there is a lot to cram in in the short space of time you get. Useful information can be found here: Anatomy
  • Obstacle Course - if you haven't been on one before, don't worry, you will be taught safe practice and crossing techniques before applying them practically.
  • Miscellaneous - bring a lot of spare PT kit; you'll need it. You do about 4/5 sessions of phys a day during the course & you will get sweaty. A few pairs of good hiking socks (Thorlo, Bridgedale etc) wouldn't go amiss either. Issue boots are compulsory for the course, but if you have a good pair of boots and a decent DS, you should get away with them. Also bring some books and DVDs; Aldershot is very dull at night-time!

There are benefits to holding the qualification, click here to see how you can apply it to civvie street.

  • When are the course dates?

11-Jul-11 to 22-Jul-11

25-Jul-11 to 05-Aug-11

08-Aug-11 to 19-Aug-11

05-Sep-11 to 16-Sep-11

12-Mar-12 to 23-Mar-12

TA PTI Intermediate Modules 1-3

A set of three weekends delivered by RTCs, successful completion of the weekends is a requirement for loading onto the TA PTI(I) course at ASPT. With the approval of your RTC they may be undertaken in any order. They were previously called the TA PTI Basic Modules; just to confuse you.

  • Module 1 - Safety & Prevention of Injury

- Health & Safety

- Risk Assessments

- Accident Reporting and all relevent documentation (including how to fill forms in correctly)

  • Module 2 - Endurance Training

- Body's energy systems

- CV Training for running or CV Gym Equipment (Paarlauf, Fartlek, Interval, Hill)

- Planning Routes

- Use of logs & stretcher equipment for PT

This is an excellent module.

  • Module 3 - Strength Development

TA PTI Intermediate Course

The course is 12 days long and is held at Fox Lines in Aldershot which is the home of the Army School of Physical Training (ASPT).

  • Input Standards

Must be a qualified and in-date TA PTI(B) who has passed all 3 pre-Intermediate modules. Must be medically fit to attend.

  • Training Programme

TA PTI (I) - Tips and Advice

How to smash your run time