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Red Warning Flag

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Time of the month when the frau has the painters in A time when you can openly request the keys to B-range.

If the good lady at the bar is on her menstrual cycle you can volunteer to excort her home on your vespa

If you are to ride the tide standby for your hampton to look like a doberman's just dragged you round the garden and the bedding to look like a butcher's apron.

Drinking at the furry cup when the red warning flag is flying will lead to a clown's smile, and some tampon diving will need to be engaged in before you can get the keema out of the naan.

Said female becomes a Gypsy as sticking your hand in will get your palm red.

Once caught a treatable hepatitis by being too quick to go down once the warning flag was lowered. 6 months with no beer ... JEEZ!