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A 'firefight' is the result of two opposing forces coming into contact during a period of conflict. Both sides should be armed with firearms (preferably automatic) which they should use with much enthusiasm on the opposing group.

Many cross border firefights took place during the Troubles between the IRA and HM forces.

In the case of Spam forces and 'firefights', enemy forces are not always required. A firefight can result with one Spam unit coming in to contact with either:

  • another Spam unit
  • a unit from a friendly nation (usually us)
  • a group of civilians
  • a wedding party
  • the press
  • a herd of domesticated animals
  • plastic shop dummies
  • itself

... at least the post combat report will call it a firefight.

If one group is armed with firearms and the other side is not, this will result in either:

  • a predictable massacre i.e. Omdurman 2 September, 1898
  • a shock defeat i.e. Isandlwana 22 January, 1879

If both groups are not armed with gats, then they are more likely to resort to Hand to Hand Combat.

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