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Ancient Babylonian city in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. Located about 40 miles to the west of Baghdad, it is known to locals as the City of the Mosques, with more than 200 found within the city limits and surrounding villages. Pre 2003, the UN listed the population as 435,774, and it is now thought that the population now stands at around 25,000.

Gulf War 1

Fallujah was the site of a massive cluster fuck by the RAF during the first Gulf War. An assumed fault in the laser guiding systems caused a total of 3 bombs to fall on one of the biggest markets in the city, killing an estimated 200 civilians.

Gulf War 2

During the second Gulf War, it's been the Spams turn to fuck up, including poor control of looters, failure to secure abandoned Iraqi military equipment leading to theft by Iraqi militants and the problem of Abu Ghraib Prison. Soldiers from the American Army's 82nd Airborne Division were also reported to have opened fire upon protesters who wanted a local school reopening. Finally, Blackwater USA suffered losses at Fallujah, when 4 of it's operatives were dragged from their vehicles, beaten, set aflame and dragged through the streets of the city. The response to this was Operation Phantom Fury, an operation during which 1,350 insurgents were killed, and 90 US Marines lost their lives, the US Army Reports.

Current Situation

In December 2006, control of the city was handed to the 1st Division of the Iraqi Army, and a relative calm has occupied it since then.